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A to Zzz's of Sleep Hygiene


Get Moving

Exercise can drastically improve your quality of sleep. Just remember, you have to move in order to slow down!

Avoid Stimulants

Before hitting the sack, avoid large meals, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Processing certain foods and stimulants before sleeping can harm your slumber rhythm. 

Keep Naps Short

Slipping into a state of sleep at night requires that you keep siestas short. Don't let long naps rob your night time sleep.

Seek Sunlight

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle is to get exposure to adequate amounts of natural sunlight. 

Become A Creature of Habit

Consistency counts. Creating a nightly routine encourages your body to recognize the onset of sleepiness. Make a habit of going to sleep & waking up at the same time each day of the week.

Comfortable Environment

Sleeping in a quiet, dark room at a comfortable temperature can really enhance your sleep experience. Eliminate light, electronic devices, and other distractions. Take the time to make every hour of sleep count.