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Sleep Statistics - The Good

Boost Libido

One additional hour of slumber daily increases a women's libido by fourteen percent. Boost your hormones by investing in enough sleeping hours.

Improve Immunity

Adults who get seven to eight hours of sound sleep each night enjoy less sick days. Sleep reduces your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease.

Maintain Healthy Arteries

Studies show that adults who sleep for seven hours a night have a 33 percent lower chance of having calcium deposits build up in their arteries than adults who sleep for only six hours a night. 

Build Muscle

Expect during REM sleep, your body releases growth hormone to help grow muscle and fight atrophy. Although it may seem counterproductive, sleeping is a key component to building muscle.

Enhance Memory

There is no better way to work on your memory than to let your body sleep. For both children and adults alike, studies have shown adequate shut eye to enhance memory and improve learning skills.  

Enjoy More Happiness

Experience less episodes of depression, stress, anxiety, and related emotional concerns. While many studies find that slumber has an impact on cognitive ability and motor function, they show that it has an even more profound effect on creating an overall happier mood.  

Sleep Statistics - The Not So Good

Sleepless in the USA

50-70 million adults in the United States suffer from a sleep disorder.

Nodding Off

37.9% of people report unintentionally falling asleep at least one time during the day.

Tired Travels

4.7% report that they have nodded off or fell asleep while driving.